Environmental Technology Verification


"Vérifiée une fois, reconnue et acceptée partout"

Integrating ETV into Horizon 2020 proposals

Le 9 décembre 2014

Logo CE FREnvironmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a new instrument to establish or confirm the performance of innovative environmental technologies. The technology performance, i.e. howfar the technology delivers the service expected, is verified on the basis of tests undertakenunder strict conditions of quality. The parameters to be verified should reflect the main purposeof the technology and, as far as possible, the innovative features and environmental aspects ofthe technology. ETV is useful in particular where these features are not covered by existingtechnical standards. The parameters to be verified, in addition to being quantified and verifiablethrough tests, should be specific to the technology and measured in a replicable manner. Theexact application tested, the conditions of use and tests and the accuracy of results or range ofconfidence should be clearly indicated with the verification results.

After several research projects, the European Commission has launched a pilot ETV programme in order to experiment the approach at EU le ETV is implemented by ‘Verification Bodies’, accredited as  inspection bodies under ISO 17020 by national accreditation bodies. The ETV procedure follows the ‘General Verification Protocol’ established for the pilot programme1. In this context, ETV is referred to in 4 items of Horizon 2020 work programmes 2014-2015 (In the WP on climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials: WASTE-1-2014 and WATER-1-2014/2015; in the WP on secure, clean and efficient energy: EE 2-2015 and LCE 8 – 2014) with a view to support the implementation and evaluation of the ETV pilot programme and to support the emergence of innovative environmental technologies. It is of course possible to undertake verification under ETV in research fields not covered by those 4 items. Also, undertaking verification under ETV is not mandatory for proposals to the 4 items where ETV is referred to: it is up to the project leaders to decide if ETV is relevant for their particular projects.

For further information, please read the full paper : ETV in Horizon 2020 proposals